About the Laboratory Safety Institute

The Laboratory Safety Institute is a nonprofit educational institution providing safety courses and consulting for chemical laboratories worldwide. Let us help you prevent accidents and keep your lab in compliance with the latest regulations. Our instructors' real-world experience means you walk away with practical improvements you can bring back to your lab and start using now.

We have taught courses to more than 100,000 people in 27 countries, spanning 130 different industries, including research, high-tech, government, medicine, and academia. Many of our students say they love our courses because they are engaging and make a wealth of information easy to absorb and retain. Virtually any lab, anywhere can benefit from our expert training, audits and inspections.


How the Laboratory Institute Got Started

Chemical Laboratory Fire

Laboratory fire: charred remains

The Laboratory Safety Institute was founded by James Kaufman, Ph.D. in 1978. While driving home from work in 1973, he heard on the radio that there had been a serious explosion at nearby Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Kaufman had recently completed postdoctoral work at Worcester Polytechnic, and had earned his Ph.D. there a few years before. Upon hearing the news of the accident, he bypassed his house, driving straight to the Worcester lab instead.

"I got there two hours after the explosion," Kaufman remembers. "The light fixtures had been blown off the ceiling, the windows had been blown out of the room. A grad student I knew blew off portions of his hands, and he was lucky he wasn't killed."

This experience is part of what propelled him to found the Laboratory Safety Institute. Today, LSI has grown to become an international center for health, safety and the environment.

LSI is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation and a Massachusetts public charity.

Lab Safety Courses in Natick

As a global center for biotech companies and research hospitals, Boston is home to hundreds of chemical laboratories. Located in nearby Natick, Massachusetts, we offer courses weekly on a variety of topics from OSHA compliance to chemical handling and storage to biosafety. Not in Massachusetts? We will come to you! Find out about hosting or sponsoring a class, or see when we are next scheduled to visit a city near you. We also offer live online webinars and pre-recorded classes on CD.

The Laboratory Safety Institute
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There is more to lab safety than just labs. Our lives are filled with hazards.  When we teach, learn, and practice science safely, students and employees:

  • Learn to care about their health and safety
  • Learn to identify life's hazards and how to protect themselves
  • Create a safer and healthier learning and working environment
  • Live safer, healthier, longer lives

Here's a small sample of our live safety instruction: