Even experienced laboratory workers have a tendency to become lax or complacent in the laboratory when they are “just cleaning up”. Unfortunately, “just cleaning up” involves hazardous chemicals, and if these are improperly segregated or disposed of the results can have tragic circumstances. Most serious laboratory accidents occur during cleanup, when one’s attention is more focused on going home or out to eat rather than on the potential hazard at hand.

Proper management of hazardous waste does not need to be an all-consuming task, but it does take discipline, vigilance and common sense. This course will address five of the most common mistakes in hazardous waste handling in the laboratory:

  • Improper Labeling of Waste
  • Improper Segregation of Waste
  • Improper Storage of Waste
  • Failure to Cap Waste Bottles
  • Accumulation of Excessive Waste
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