The K-12 STEAM Safer Science Summit is an immersive event focused on enhancing the understanding of government and state lab safety regulations and the compliance with and implementation of safety protocols within STEAM education environments. All sessions 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Attend only the day(s) important for your specialty.


Sponsors: University of Cincinnati College of Arts and Sciences, ACS Cincinnati Local Section, Shepherd Chemical, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Michele E. Dufault Foundation


  • Monday (for teachers of grades 7-12) Introduces STEAM teachers to laboratory safety, regulatory compliance, and chemical management. Workshop includes safety principles, hazard identification, risk assessment, OSHA regulations, and legal aspects of safety. Participants will also learn about building a lab safety culture, emergency planning, PPE, electrical safety, and managing chemicals from handling to disposal. Location: University of Cincinnati, Clifton Court Hall Room 1130
  • Tuesday (for teachers of grades 7-12) Focuses on practical training in lab inspections and chemical inventory management. Participants practice preparation techniques, conduct real lab inspections to identify safety issues, and discuss accident investigation and reporting. The day emphasizes safe chemical storage and alternatives.
    AM Location: Hughes STEM High School, 2515 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati Time: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
    PM Location: Walnut Hills High School, 3250 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati Time: 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday (for teachers of grades K-6) Tailors lab safety principles to elementary school STEAM teachers, focusing on adapting safety practices for younger students. Workshop covers safety regulations, building a safety culture, fire safety, and emergency planning. Special topics include inclusivity in labs, safety in art classes, and considerations for students with ADHD. Location: University of Cincinnati, Clifton Court Hall Room 1130
  • Thursday (for teachers of grades K-6) Focuses on conducting safe science demonstrations for young students. Participants will brainstorm and share demo ideas, engage in practical demonstration sessions, and discuss safety protocols including setup and teardown. The day also emphasizes the importance of discussing and investigating accidents and near-misses. Location: University of Cincinnati, Rieveschl Hall Room 504 
  • Friday (for school administration) Features "Leadership in Safety," a seminar designed to foster dialogue between school administrators and STEAM teachers. The day highlights the benefits of safety training, such as insurance savings and demonstrating a commitment to safety. The afternoon features collaborative workshops focused on identifying needs, improving safety areas, setting SMART goals, and preparing for ACS grants. Location: University of Cincinnati, Clifton Court Hall Room 1130

Parking: Woodside Garage (For free parking, bring your ticket to the summit and we will validate it.)

Map of Summit location and parking garage

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Wednesday (Workshop for Elementary School Teachers @ UC)show details + $0.00 USD  
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