Lab Safety for Teachers

Lab Safety for School Teachers

Recent tragic accidents at school science labs underscore the ongoing need for lab safety education for school faculty and staff. The Laboratory Safety Institute is committed by its mission to make school lab safety education affordable and possible for hard-working science and chemistry teachers.

As a non-profit organization ourselves, the Laboratory Safety Institute understands tight budgets. Because we know the schools that need lab safety programs the most are often the least able to afford it, we offer free resources exclusively to K-12 teachers.

We are also proud to offer scholarships that allow teachers to receive the same industry-standard safety education we provide to corporations and military and government organizations worldwide at a deeply discounted rate.

Lab Safety Courses with Scholarships For K-12 Teachers:

Model Chemical Hygiene Plan: Free For Schools

Having a clear, written chemical hygiene plan is basic to keeping school labs safe. In addition, OSHA and related state regulations require almost all schools to have a chemical hygiene officer and a chemical hygiene plan. The Laboratory Safety Institute’s  Model Chemical Hygiene Plan comes formatted as a PDF or an MS Word document. You may use it to customize your plan according to your school’s policies and procedures. This is normally $79, but we offer it free to teachers.