On March 6, Stephen Taylor dropped this teaser in his LinkedIn feed: “It’s in these quiet moments that we find clarity for our #NewBeginnings and sometimes we find those new beginnings in the most unlikely of places. While I’m not ready to unveil what’s next just yet, I am filled with anticipation for the chapters yet to unfold. Stay-tuned!”

The Laboratory Safety Institute is thrilled to be “what’s next” for Taylor! His mission-driven passion and diverse scientific background mixed with business acumen have already brought refreshing changes to LSI in the short time he’s been with us.

Taylor has a doctorate degree in chemistry, along with decades of experience in teaching and research at Purdue University and The Shepherd Chemical Company. Before taking the helm at LSI, he was the business brain behind Narratize and Untold Content, two successful startups focused on innovation storytelling and generative AI.

LSI’s past presidents, Jim Kaufman, Ph.D., and Raj Santhappa, M.D., continue to teach LSI’s live online and in-person courses and provide program development services along with a growing adjunct faculty. They will combine their knowledge and experience with Taylor’s to enable safer science in schools and laboratories worldwide.