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Order a custom webinar at a time and place convenient for you. Choose from 63 topics.

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Online CoursesAll it takes to set up your custom webinar is to select one of the topics and once you place your order, we will contact you to set up a date and a time that works for both our schedules. You can have as many people attend around a single connection. If more connections are needed, we can discuss that at the time of scheduling. Each webinar will last 90 minutes, the first 60 minutes discussing the topic you have selected and the last 30 minutes will be question and answer. If you would like help in selecting the topics that would best fit your needs, our instructors would be glad to have a conversation with you. You can either call us 508-647-1900 or contact us.

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Accidents, Achieving Safety Leadership Excellence, Americans With Disability Act, Arc Flash, Art Safety, Asbestos, Auditing Lab Safety Programs, Biological and Animal Hazards, Biosafety, Compressed Gases, Chemical Hygiene Officers & Plans, Chemical Spill Control, Close Calls and Near misses, Compressed Gases, Creating More Effective Lab Safety Programs, Demonstration Safety/Liability, Disposal of Chemicals, Electrical Safety, Emergency Action Planning/Plans, Eye and Face Protection, Fire Control, Handling Chemical Reagents, Handling Glassware, Hazardous Materials Shipping DOT, Hazardous Waste Management, HAZWOPER Training, Hearing Conservation Programs, High Voltage Safety, How to be A More Effective CHO, How to Convince Others, Improving Lab Safety Programs, Inspecting Facilities, Labeling, Laser Safety, Leadership in Safety, Learning by Accident, Legal Aspects of Safety, Management’s Role in Safety, Masters of Safety, More Effective Lab Safety Programs, Needs Assessments, Off-the-Job Safety, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens, OSHA Chemical Hygiene Plan, OSHA Hazard Communication, OSHA Laboratory Standard, OSHA Respiratory Protection, Personal Protective Equipment, Planning Your Safety Program, Radiation Safety, Recordkeeping, Regulatory Compliance in the Lab, Safety Equipment / PPE, The Safety Game: Fun Training, Three C’s of Safety, Safety Information Resources, SARA Title III, Scope of the Problem, Shop Safety, State Right-to-Know Laws, Storage of Chemicals, Student/Faculty Involvement, Ventilation