T-Bowl For Eye Wash Testing


The T-Bowl fits almost any eyewash or facewash station, making testing quicker, more efficient, and eliminating mess.



Testing eyewash stations can be more complicated than it would seem because there are so many types of eyewashes on the market, each with slight differences in dimensions. Plus, eyewash pedestals are designed to dump water on the floor (and many labs are designed without floor drains)! Then, it is typical for a research university to have as many as 2,000 eyewashes on campus. On top of that, OSHA calls for eyewashes and showers to be activated weekly, and OSHA no longer warns organizations about testing. They simply fine them—a lot—if they are not testing.

Green Gobbler Safety designed a test cart that simplifies the testing process for EHS personnel. It fits almost any eyewash or facewash station, regardless of dimensions, making testing quicker, more efficient, and eliminating the splashy mess. Green Gobbler's products are used in academic, pharmaceutical, hospital and industrial labs all over the world.

The T-Bowl is part of the Green Gobbler Test Cart, a mobile kit for testing eyewash stations and safety showers for clarity, temperature and flow. (Available at GreenGobblerSafety.com.) For many organizations, however, the T-Bowl itself is all that is needed to simplify weekly eyewash testing. The Laboratory Safety Institute has partnered with Green Gobbler to offer the T-Bowl directly on this website.

  • The T-Bowl fits under & around the T opening near the bottom of pedestal and combination face/eyewashes
  • Works with T in virtually any position, even pointing toward wall or casework
  • Marking for 0.4 gallons for the 1-minute eyewash test
  • Marking for 1.0 gallons for the 20-seconds combination face/eyewash test
  • When test is complete, lift the T-Bowl and drain into nearby sink or into the funnel of the Shower Test Cart

The most common culprit for wet floors: T at the bottom opens to the floor!

T-Bowl on Floor Under Eyewash

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 in