Report a Lab Accident

Broken Flask

Harvard professor George Santayana famously said, "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." It follows that in a lab, every unreported near-miss is a missed opportunity to learn from the past.

Despite the efforts of many corporations and government organizations to collect and preserve lab accident information, every day, valuable incident data disappears into the ether and out through the fume hood.

  • According to U.S. studies, 25-38% of lab personnel surveyed have been involved in an accident or injury in the lab that was not reported to the supervisor or principal investigator. Some countries have a better average, but many are worse.

Whether it's fear of reprisal, job loss, or just not wanting to bother with the paperwork, failure to report is not just a regulatory violation. It is ultimately withholding valuable knowledge that can save the lives and limbs of future generations of scientists. That's why the Laboratory Safety Institute created this simple, confidential, no-strings-attached accident reporting form. The information obtained will be used for instructional purposes only. Say as much or as little as you want. Please tell us any identifying details you want kept confidential.