Presenter: Stephen Taylor, Ph.D.

The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) is proud to present a transformative talk on "The Power of Storytelling in Cultivating a Safety Culture," led by our Executive Director, Stephen Taylor. This insightful presentation delves into the fundamental role that storytelling can play in shaping and enhancing the safety culture within organizations and schools.

At the heart of every organization's culture lies a tapestry of stories that define its values, practices, and ethos. Stephen Taylor will explore the basics of storytelling, illuminating how narratives have the power to inspire change, foster a shared sense of purpose, and solidify a commitment to safety at all levels of an institution.

A key focus of the discussion will be the Hero's Journey, a narrative framework that resonates deeply with human experience and aspiration. Stephen will demonstrate its unique relevance to safety culture, showing how the journey's stages can be aligned with the experiences of individuals and teams as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of creating a safer workplace.

Participants will be equipped with practical insights on how to craft compelling stories that encapsulate the core principles of safety. More importantly, Stephen will share strategies for integrating storytelling into daily routines and annual rituals at work, ensuring that safety becomes a living, breathing aspect of organizational life.

Be prepared to embark on a journey that will transform your perspective on the role of narratives in safety culture. You will leave this talk not just with theoretical knowledge, but with actionable tools to harness the power of storytelling in making safety a cornerstone of your organizational identity. Join us for an engaging session that promises to blend inspiration with practical application, paving the way for a culture of safety that endures.

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  •  May 17, 2024
     11:00 am EDT - 12:00 pm EDT



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