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A girl learns on a laptop in a dark roomSee our latest blog post: LSI’s Guide to Teaching Science During the COVID-19 Shutdown. Lists free-during-COVID-19 resources for teachers and also compares the best videoconference platforms for online classes.

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The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) is a nonprofit organization providing safety education for government, industry and educational laboratories worldwide. Since 1978, we have taught more than 100,000 scientists, teachers and lab professionals in 30 countries. Our “real world” approach opens eyes with true accounts of lab incidents you won’t forget. Try a 60-minute webinar or sign up for a three- or four-day lab safety boot camp. Our curriculum covers more than 100 topics, from chemical hygiene officer certification to convincing your boss to care about safety. LSI teacher scholarships allow K-12 teachers to receive the same workshops we offer corporate clients at drastically reduced rates. We’re on a mission: to make safety an integral part of education, work and life.

Upcoming Courses (COVID-19 ALERT: All courses will be delivered by webinar until the end of May)

Event Venue Date
WEBINAR - Biosafety in the Laboratory 4/21/20 **CONFIRMED** Natick, MA LSI Headquarters
  • April 21, 2020 8:00 am
WEBINAR - Safety in Secondary School Science Labs 4/22/20 ($149 teacher pricing) **CONFIRMED** Natick, MA LSI Headquarters
  • April 22, 2020 8:00 am
WEBINAR - Two-Day Lab Safety Short Course 5/19/20 **CONFIRMED** Natick, MA LSI Headquarters
  • May 19, 2020 8:00 am
WEBINAR - Two-Day Lab Safety Short Course 5/19/20 ($249 teacher pricing) **CONFIRMED** Natick, MA LSI Headquarters
  • May 19, 2020 8:00 am
How to Be a More Effective Chemical Hygiene Officer 05/21/20 ($149 Teacher Pricing) **CONFIRMED** Natick, MA LSI Headquarters
  • May 21, 2020 8:00 am
How to Be a More Effective Chemical Hygiene Officer 5/21/20 **CONFIRMED** Natick, MA LSI Headquarters
  • May 21, 2020 8:00 am
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Manoj Kumar

28-year old researcher was killed in a high-pressure hydrogen cylinder explosion at the Indian Institute of Science. (Bengaluru, India, 2018)

Ge Guo

Died from exposure to potassium cyanide at a pharmaceutical testing lab. (Pennsylvania, 2018)

Javier Ortiz

30-year-old chemist and father of 3 died in explosion at Air Liquide plant. (Texas, 2013)

Carlos Amaral

Died from burns following a trimethyliridium explosion in a Dow lab. (Masschusetts, 2013)

Michelle Dufault

Died from a lathe accident at Yale University. (Connecticut, 2011)

Dr. Nanaj Bhamare

Killed in explosion. (Maryland, 2011)

Malcom Casabadan

Died from exposure to Yersenia Pestis, a plague-related bacterium. (Illinois, 2009)

Shari Sangji

Died from severe burns suffered in a UCLA lab accident. (California, 2008)

Roland Daigle

Died from trimethylsilyldiazomethane inhalation. The lab fume hood was not operating due to roof work. (Nova Scotia, 2008)

Karen Wetterhahn

Dartmouth professor died 10 months after exposure to dimethylmercury through latex gloves. (New Hampshire, 1997)
“Jim Kaufman is a ‘teacher’s teacher.’ He is obviously dedicated, enthusiastic, motivated, knowledgeable, sincere, fun. The wealth of info he has at his fingertips is very impressive.”
Very informative and a good pace. Great that webinar is an option otherwise I would not be able to attend. —Dan Hammersley, Lab Safety Officer, Minnesota Department of Public Health

About five years ago, I attended your course. At the time, our school didn’t have a lab safety program except a few incomplete safety procedures here and there. From attending your course, I started to develop the lab safety manual including a chemical hygiene plan . . . it did take five years to build. All started from your course. Thank you!

Caicai Wu, Ph.D.
Lab supervisor
Northwest University

Oozing with knowledge, entertaining and with good sense of humor. They have the patience to really check and comment on the answers in the quizzes.

Maria Victoria Navarro
Lab Manager
Carnegie Mellon University of Qatar