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(Live and On-Demand Courses)

Participants who attend the Laboratory Safety Institute’s (LSI) short courses can earn graduate credits in education from the University of San Diego. One to three semester-hour credits are awarded for the successful completion of LSI’s short courses, plus additional work.


The amount of additional class work depends on the number of credit hours sought. All participants complete #1 below. One or more of items 2-4 may be required. Please call 508-647-1900 to discuss your interest and the required additional course work.

  1. Prepare a written report of how you would apply what you've learned in the class to improve your organization's lab safety program
    • Immediate: during the first month
    • Short Term: during the first year
    • Long Term: during the first five years
      The report should anticipate some of the difficulties you might encounter in implementing the plan and what actions would be taken to deal with these anticipated difficulties.
  2. Conduct a lab inspection report with findings and recommendations.
  3. Perform an audit of your lab safety program.
  4. Successfully complete a written exam.

Registration and payment is in two parts (1) University of San Diego and (2) Laboratory Safety Institute. Please first contact LSI about obtaining graduate credit. LSI will send you information about registering with the University of San Diego. Please complete and return LSI's Grad Credit Application form (PDF).

LSI will work with you to provide assistance in the completion of your assignment. LSI will grade your course work and submit final grades to the University of San Diego. Transcripts will be provided by the University of San Diego.

If you are currently enrolled in another institution and wish to transfer in these credit(s), please check with your current institution about the suitability of this course for transfer before registering.

If you have additional questions please contact Dr. James Kaufman.