Volunteer for the Lab Safety Institute

Safety never takes a vacation. We need your help at our Natick office and remotely.
See our page on Volunteer Match if you can help.

Currently, we are accepting volunteers for the following three projects:

  • Complete, update, and maintain Lab Accident Google Sheet. LSI maintains a database of significant lab incidents from the past 20 years, including information such as incident date, fatalities, injuries, property damage ($), and settlement value if there was a lawsuit. A volunteer skilled in internet research is needed to help us compile accurate data.
  • Data visualization of lab accident data using Tableau Public. Once the database above is complete, we would like to create infographics to present the data on our website and social media.
  • Compile a library of lab safety images that represent compliance and non-compliance. LSI is compiling a searchable database of images that lab managers and EHS professionals can use in their slide decks and newsletters. Volunteer task involves obtaining images, uploading to database, and tagging. 

If you would like to lend your skills and talents to helping make labs safer, please contact info@labsafetyinstitute.org.

A big thank-you to LSI's volunteers. You keep us running!

Peter Adler
Pamela Auburn
Tom Bradley
Andre Brassard
David Breeding
Betty Bridges
Tony Brito
Thomas Brock
John Buccarelli
Armen Casparian
Linda Charpentier
Barry Cohen
Jeanette Dejong
Joy Diaz
Christina Dillard
Janice Dodge
Neil Edwards
Ahmed El Sotouhy
Akram Amir El-Ali
John Feldman
Rebecca Fine
Steven Funck
Gary Garber
Tony Gemmellaro
Harvey Gendreau
Mohammad Ghandi
Ellie Goldberg
Ross Grayson
Ann Hamadeh
Emily Harbert
Scott Hawkins
Jan Hicinbothem
Marcy Huey
Joe Hunter
Mark Iorio
Rubaiet Islam
Brent Jackson
Udaya Jayasundara
Jim Kaufman
Karen Kelley
Allison Koster
Mary Beth Koza
Delaney Lawson
Samantha Lee
Dawn Lee
Robert Lehrman
Robert MacCormick
Beverly Maksin
Louise Mallette
Marjorie Markopoulos
Peter Markow
Dawn Mason
Larry Metcalf
Adam Miller
Wai-chi Mok
Karen Morrissey
Ebrahim Nazlabadi
Graham Nelson
Ben Owens
Juan Perez
Chris Pettinato
Marie Pool
Tamara Rausch
Smitha Rayadurg
Charu Rayadurg
Chandini Revena
Dave Roberts
Lynn Rose
Ken Roy
Vera Saar
Shorena Samakashville
Kalpana Samuel
Saltanat Satabayeva
Karl Schilke
Siri Segalstad
Lance Shea
Myungsun Shin
William Stanwood
Kim Stone
Ralph Stuart
Rajeev Swami
Linda Swihart
Weslene Tallmadge
Margaret Teier
David Turkow
Bruce Van Scoy
Robert Varnerin
Valerie Wilcox
Mark Yanchisin
Erike Young
Beiping Zhang
Andrew Zlotorzynski