Lab Safety for Teachers

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Because the schools that need lab safety programs the most are often the least able to afford it, we are proud to offer scholarships (up to $800) for K-12 educators.

Teacher ID Card

To apply for a scholarship, all you need is a picture of your teacher ID.
(or a signed confirmation of employment from your principal on letterhead):

Scholarships are also available for homeschool parents. Please upload equivalent verification of your status as a homeschool teacher.

    If approved, we will email a coupon code within 24 hours that you can use for scholarships worth up to $800 toward the Laboratory Safety Institute's courses, such as:

    Recent tragic accidents at school science labs underscore the ongoing need for lab safety education for school faculty and staff. The Laboratory Safety Institute is committed by its mission to make lab safety training possible for hard-working science and chemistry teachers. The Laboratory Safety Institute provides thousands of dollars in scholarships each year for teachers to attend our lab safety courses at very reduced rates. This allows teachers to receive the same safety education we provide to industry and government organizations worldwide.


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    Besides our full-day courses, our one-hour topical webinars provide a cost-efficient option for teachers.

    Other Lab Safety Resources for Teachers

    Check out these resources for chemistry teachers from ACS!