24-Hour ​Lab ​Safety ​Short ​Course ​is ​LSI’s ​most ​comprehensive ​coverage ​of ​the ​essentials ​of ​lab ​safety ​and ​effective ​safety ​programs. This ​course ​will ​help ​you ​learn ​to ​identify ​and ​manage ​common ​laboratory ​hazards ​– ​and ​some ​that ​you ​may ​never ​have ​considered. ​You ​will ​discover ​how ​federal, ​state ​and ​local ​environmental, ​health ​and ​safety ​requirements ​apply ​to ​the ​laboratory ​environment, ​and ​how ​to ​improve ​regulatory ​compliance, ​reduce ​liability ​exposure, ​and — ​most ​importantly — ​convince ​others ​to ​care ​more ​about ​health, ​safety ​and ​the ​environment.

Registrants ​are ​encouraged ​to ​bring ​their ​problem ​descriptions, ​accident ​accounts ​and ​safety ​program ​materials ​for ​review ​and ​discussion. ​

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K-12 teachers can receive an $800 scholarship for this course! All you need is a teacher's ID. Fill out the form on our Teacher's page.
Lab Safety Webinars
This course is also available as a recorded video (Moodle) course.
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     July 11, 2023 - July 13, 2023
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