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Video lab safety courses

Freedom to learn whenever and wherever works for you.

We all love the convenience of an online video class, but let's face it, video courses just don't have that same back-and-forth interaction.

Here's our solution: We'll give you unfettered access to our instructors' expert advice via e-mail throughout the three months of the course. Fire off your burning safety questions any hour of the day or night, and we'll respond within the day in most cases. That's in addition to videos and worksheets and quizzes designed to simulate the in-person experience.

Video courses and live courses have their pros and cons, but no matter which route you choose, we're committed to get you fully prepared to engage your organization's safety program.

Covers BSL-1 and BSL-2


Chemical Hygiene Officer
Prep course for NRCC exam

Lab Waste ManagementLab Waste Management

Intro to Lab Safety
​Equivalent of 1-day lab safety course

Extended Lab Safety Course
Equivalent of 2-day course

Comprehensive Lab Safety Course
Equivalent of 3-day boot camp

All video courses include three months of access to all related videos, quizzes and practice test questions using the Moodle learning platform.

Plus, you get 30% off all LSI products at, and 15% off all non-LSI products for one month after registration.

Video lab safety courses are popular with people who are unable to attend our live courses due to scheduling conflicts or a time difference.


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"Oozing with knowledge, entertaining and with a good sense of humor. They have the patience to really check and comment on the quizzes."

Maria Victoria Navarro
Carnegie Mellon University of Qatar